Learning Principle

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This is another remembrance, for the course of twenty four year, this is few handful learning principle that one must uphold. It may increased, but it will not be decreased. You may take it, but remember, this principle should be upheld when you are learning, shall anything happen when you applied for other things, it your own responsibility to take.

First principle, Learn everything worth learning and taking in everything for your growth. Basically, use every knowledge to your advantage. You may focused on one thing, but learning other paths shall reward you greatly. Especially practical skill such as fishing, sewing, cooking, handcraft, trap, etc. You should learn those, it may help you in the long run. Appreciate it.

Second, Stay true to your path. It’s okay to take a detour, but never settle for something less. Remember, your path is your own decision, nobody can’t change it unless you want to change it. Always seek path to your belief. It will not be easy, you may trapped in your abyss, but you must be able to prevail. Seek others for help, you shall not travel alone, it will help you greatly in your journey.

Third, Never fear for failure, be grateful for the lessons. Be sure to absorb it. Again, never fear for failure, rejection, or even a limbo. Failure could be helping in disguise, learn from it, prepare yourself to challenge it again. It shall be better if you fail early than later, failure is not nice to old age, be ready for failure from the tender young age. Also learn from others who experience the same failure, it will help you greatly, don’t ask advice from someone who only know about success, it wouldn’t help, but you can make them as a target to surpass.

P.S. Written at 6 January 2016.

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